American Equus Bespoke Farrier Shoeing Tool Box is constructed from light-weight aircraft-grade aluminum and hand-crafted for individual order. Each box is TIG welded for a rugged, heavy-duty design that combines functionality and durability that weighs in at 18 lb.

The tool boxes feature sleek, individual tubes and shelves for all the common farrier tools, helping to keep them protected and reduce the damage from other tools throughout the course of the work day. Both layers of shelving are lined with a sheet of removable rubber inlay to protect the tools and reduce the clatter of the box. The top shelf design allows for easy access to nail boxes with the lower tray having plenty of space for nippers, pull offs, nail pullers, clinchers and any other tools.

Two rubber-lined rasp holders, one on each side of the box, make it quick and easy for farriers to put the rasp into the box without having to stop the flow of work to search for a spot in the box. The ultra-smooth 3.5-in. roller blade wheels guarantee even and straight rolling over a variety of surfaces. Farriers can choose between hard anodized finish and monogrammed end caps.

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