Online Extras: January/February 2018 Issue

This page lists material that supplements the Januay/February 2018 issue of American Farriers Journal.

Shoeing For A Living

Gain more insight from Kurt Fisk on scheduling, competitions and finding your comfort zone — COMING SOON

(Supplement to the article "Freedom Is The Nature Of His Business" on Page 24.)

Brian Hampson's Hoof Research

Study Finds Feral Hooves Are Far From Perfectly Healthy

The Mystery of Moisture And The Equine Foot 

Trimming Significantly Changes Hoof Morphology 

(Supplement to the article "Physiology, Foot Morphology And Health In The True Wild Horse" on Page 38.)

Thoro'Bred Extravaganza

View photo gallery from the mid-November Thoro'Bred Extravaganza at the racing plate company's Anaheim, Calif., plant.

(Supplement to the article "Don't Let The Hinds Become An Afterthought" on Page 42.)

Michael Wildenstein

Read articles written by Wildenstein focusing on how to treat hoof cracks and other hoof maladies, as well as a study on the cause and treatment of white line disease.

Watch a video on advice and ideas for working with Friesians and other big horses.

(Supplement to the article "Understand Drafts' Farriery Needs Before Picking Up The Foot" on Page 52.)

Watch a video of Vibe discussing a horse he's working with — COMING SOON

(Supplement to the article "Show Jumper Shoeing In Norway" on Page 62.)

Backyard Horses

Watch "40 Ideas In 40 Minutes: Build A Better Practice With Backyard Horses

Molding Better Backyard Horse Clients

Download the free eGuide, "Answers

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