This page lists material that supplements the January/February 2016 issue of American Farriers Journal.

A Historical Look At Farrier Licensing

• In addition to the three previous articles in this recent licensing series, you'll find four articles from the highly controversial series published by AFJ in 2005.
• Read the 2015 White House report "Occupational Licensing: A Framework For Policymakers."

(Supplements to the article "Plenty Of Arguments For And Against Licensing" on Page 14.)

Improve Your Success At Shoeing

Learn how to "Improve Your Success At Shoeing" by attending Wes Champagne's "How-To Clinic" at the International Hoof-Care Summit. Sponsored by Postyme Products, the Tuesday afternoon session is among seven highly informative direct-to-the-point sessions sponsored by the Summit's Educational Partners. Click here to view the complete Summit program.

(Supplement to the article "What It Took To Make American Pharoah Go" on Page 18.)

Farrier Quick Takes: Chad Lunderville

Gain further insight from Chad Lunderville by watching videos from this Shoeing For A Living day.

Cold Shaping Horseshoes
Thrushy Feet In Arizona

(Supplements to the article "Farrier's Success Comes Through Diversity" on Page 42.)

Q&A: What are you looking for when you watch a horse walk/trot prior to shoeing? How does the horse’s job factor into your gait analysis?

Farriers and equine veterinarians offer additional insight and advice on gait analysis.

(Supplement to the Hoof-Care Email Q&A on Page 58.)


Gain more insight on club feet, sheared heels and mismatched feet that you can use in your everyday practice from the podiatry workshop that took place in early Decemeber 2015 at the American Association of Equine Practitioners Annual Convention.

(Supplement to the article "Considerations For Successful Management Of Underrun Heels" on Page 66.)

More Thoughts On Planning For Success

Six farriers provide insight on how to get off on the right foot in the early years of your farrier career.

(Supplement to the article "Getting Down To The Basics" on Page 74.)

200 Farrier Takeaways

The 50 best "Farrier Takeaways" from 2012, 2013 and 2014 are available for you to view online, as well as the 2015 top 50 takeaways. These articles require a digital subscription for viewing if you have reached your 7 free premium article limit. You can also find them in the January/February issues of American Farriers Journal from 2013 (Page 83), 2014 (Page 54), 2015 (Page 88) and 2016 (Page 78).

(Supplements to the article "50 Best Farrier Takeaways Of 2015" on Page 78.)

Equine Nutrition Advice

Watch Darren Owen offer advice on hoof nutrition.
Read tips from Jessica Normand about how you can be sure your hoof-care clients are buying quality supplements and feed.

(Supplements to the article "Feeding Your Clients Good Nutritional Advice" on Page 86.)

Online Hoof-Care Classroom: Shoeing The Club-Footed Horse

Learn more about shoeing club feet by checking out Bob Smith's webinar "Shoeing The Club-Footed Horse."

(Supplement to the Spotlight On Hoof Care "Horseshoe Barn Clinic Dissects Anatomy" on Page 95.)