Dr. Milt's Topical Magnesium Therapy

The only liniment and poultice that provides a soaking salt bath in a bottle!

Our products are the ONLY liniment and poultice that use magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) as the liquid, gel, and cream base. We harness the power of Arnica and essential oils to help with sore joints, swelling, and muscle aches, and add magnesium sulfate to bring our products to the next level in body care. Ask us about a 2 oz. sample!

  • Aid in restoring stressed and overworked muscles
  • Decrease swelling and enhance recovery
  • Decrease injuries by providing support to ligaments and tendons
  • Will not blister and is safe to use under wraps
  • Can be used in conjunction with ceramic and magnetic therapy wraps and blankets
  • Is non-drying, healthy for the skin and will not discolor coat
  • Dries clear and leaves no residue
  • Will add magnesium to blood levels for overall body health and calmness

For more information, please watch this video, call the office at 610-827-5001 or email info@crystalotions.com.

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Cavallo Hoof Boots

  • These boots are made for rehab, spare tire and MORE PROFITS for farriers.
  • Special farrier pricing plus same day shipment ex Cavallo USA warehouse.
  • Industry best 180 day repair or replace guarantee.
  • From minis to drafts – protection for horses and PROFIT for farriers.
  • Make Cavallo Hoof Boots part of your business.

North America toll free # 1-877-818-0037

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Hawthorne Products

Ice-O-Poultice... fast pain relief!

  • Topical clay therapy provides cooling effect as it draws the heat from hot tired legs.
  • Ice-O-Poultice draws inflammation and tightens legs, soothing the skin
  • Simple to use, easy to apply and remove
  • Ice-O-Poultice stays moist at least 12 hours
  • The product of choice in hard to bandage spots requiring cold therapy

Sole Pack... sole care solutions!

  • Combination of patented ingredients that aid in the prevention and destruction of bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Fast-acting, quick-penetrating and formulated with soothing natural ingredients.
  • Protects from further contamination, soothes damaged and fevered tissue.
  • An effective companion to Hawthorne’s Sole Freeze when treating fungal and bacterial infections.
  • Restores natural pliability and promotes hoof growth
  • Available in a dressing, packing or paddies and in multiple sizes

Both products conveniently available in various sizes.

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Equilox I Slower Setting Formula Adhesive Hoof Repair System

Equilox I Slower Setting Formula Adhesive is an extremely strong resin that can be used for anything from repairing small quarter cracks to reconstructing an entire hoof wall, yet flexible enough for easy filing, shaping, and even nailing.

Set time: Sets in 6 - 8 minutes, final cure in 10 - 13 minutes at 70° Fahrenheit

Shelf life: At least 6 months from fill date (as stated on label) — or longer if refrigerated

Note: Equilox I 150 ml Stubbie Cartridge fits into regular caulking gun. Recommend Large Applicator Mixing Tips. Also requires a stubbie adapter with the regular caulking gun.

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