Vetericyn Mobility Hoof Care, Hoof Soak, Liniment

Manage thrush, white line, and seedy toe with Vetericyn Hoof Care. It sprays onto the sole and frog for complete coverage and is proven to flush out contaminants and repair damaged hooves quickly.

For abscesses and advanced cases of white line separation and thrush use Vetericyn Hoof Soak. It purges & removes hoof-eating microbes and penetrates deep into hoof cavity. Plus, it’s guaranteed to improve hoof condition after just one application!

Relieve tired and sore muscles with Vetericyn Liniment. It's formulated with skin conditioners like peppermint, sunflower, and flower extract and has a higher menthol concentration that other liniments. It melts on contact to stimulate micro-circulation and blood flow for fast pain relief and even faster recovery.

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Vetericyn Mobility Hoof Care

Equine One Natural Hoof Dressing from Mineral Medix

Equine One Natural Hoof Dressing is a unique and premium product based on Birch Bark Extract with Omega 3, Betulin and Vitamins A & D for professional care of horses' hooves. With this horse hoof care product, you'll be able to improve the quality and elasticity of the horn hoof plate while providing continuing care between farrier visits for an overall healthier hoof! 

  • Helps fight the following hoof problems*: Thrush, White Line Disease, Hoof Abscesses, Quarter cracks, Hoof Wall Cracks, Corns, Sole Bruises and Seedy Toe
  • An effective aid to fight the pathogens in cracks
  • Moisturizes hard, dry, brittle, and cracking hooves
  • Aids elasticity and flexibility of the horn hoof plate 

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Mineral Medix Hoof Dressing

Animalintex Poultice Pad

Animalintex Poultice Pad is a convenient, ready-to-use poultice that comes in a pad. This unique poultice contains a mild antiseptic (boric acid) and tragacanth, a natural poultice agent to promote fast healing. Indicated for use on horses and dogs. Not recommended for use on cats.

  • Aids in wound healing.
  • Absorbs exudate; provides moist, clean healing site; cushions sore areas.
  • Hot Poultice — for abscesses, boils, infected and dirty wounds, cracked heels, thorns laminitis, seedy toe, corns.
  • Cold Poultice — strains, sprains, sore shins, splints, bruises, capped hocks and elbows.
  • Available in 8 in x 16 in Pad or Pre-cut Hoof Shape.

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Hawthorne Offers Complete Hoof Care

Hawthorne’s award winning Sole Pack draws heat, reduces inflammation and promotes hoof growth. Sole Pack relieves dry, hard, sore hooves, while combating bacterial and fungal infections. 

  • Combination of patented ingredients that aid in the prevention and destruction of bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Fast-acting, quick-penetrating and formulated with soothing natural ingredients.
  • Protects from further contamination, soothes damaged and fevered tissue.
  • Restores natural pliability and promotes hoof growth
  • Available in a dressing or packing, and multiple sizes

Doc’s Heel Cream is an excellent multipurpose first aid cream for a variety of skin conditions including cracked heels, superficial wounds, dry chafes and abrasions, minor burns or wherever dryness is a problem. Doc’s Heel Cream moisturizes and soothes irritated skin.

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Learn more about Doc’s Heel Cream

Hawthorn Sole Pack Heel Cream