Each Friday morning, we will be sharing several facts and figures that will be helpful in seeing how you measure up business-wise with other farriers. This edition of Friday's Farrier Facts & Figures is sponsored by Markel Insurance Co. To read more from this series, click here.

Trims Vs. Shoeings For Part-Time Farriers

The typical part-time farrier handles 212 trims and shoeings and 239 trims only in a year’s time. 

— 2016 American Farriers Journal Farrier Benchmark Study

Farriers Find 85% Of Random Horses Have Hoof Disorders

A recent study with 942 random selected horses in the Netherlands found 85% had at least one visible hoof problem during regular footcare visits conducted by 21 farriers.

The farriers and researchers evaluated a potential dozen hoof issues with horses during farm visits. Here were the most frequently diagnosed hoof disorders:

  • 45% of the horses had thrush concerns.
  • 30% had superficial hoof wall cracks.
  • 26% had growth rings.
  • 25% had sole bruises.
  • 18% had white line disease.
  • 16% had perforating hoof wall cracks.
  • 12% had white line widening.
  • 5% had horizontal hoof cracks.
  • 4% suffered from chronic laminitis.
  • 3% had quarter cracks.
  • 2% had keratoma issues.
  • 1% had canker issues.

— Menno Holzhauer, PhD, GD Animal Health, Deventer, The Netherlands