By using the age-old Italian tradition of tanning coupled with only the highest quality of leather, DePlano has created the best leather pads on the market. The leather is treated according to an ancient traditional method using only plant-based extracts. No synthetic fats are used in the process. After using the tannins extracted from tree bark, the leather is exsiccated in air driers. These treatments give the pads exclusive characteristics, allowing the hoof to breathe and providing maximum comfort.

These pads will not compress, blow out in the heels or delaminate. The consistency from pad to pad is superb; some farriers are able to reset them. The pads are available in the following sizes and thicknesses: 4 (light, regular, heavy, xx-heavy, xx-heavy wedge), 5 (light, regular, heavy, xx-heavy, xx-heavy wedge) and 6 (light, regular, heavy, xx-heavy, xx-heavy wedge).

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