In the heat of the summer, a tough workout often means sweaty horses, tired muscles, and hot legs. Absorbine has been soothing aches and pains with liniment for more than 125 years, and their latest innovation is a refreshing approach to cooling horses down. CoolDown is a new herbal after-workout rinse made with 12 herbs and essential oils to gently cool and refresh.

CoolDown is formulated to naturally soothe hot and tired muscles after workouts, particularly on hot days. The gentle, herbal formula is ideal for horses, especially those who may be sensitive to strong liniments. Made with 12 herbs and essential oils and including rosemary oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, aloe vera juice, arnica extract and sassafras oil, CoolDown not only refreshes horses, but also conditions the skin and coat as it helps to replace oils that may be lost due to sweat, making it ideal for daily use. Plus, the added bonus of aromatherapy is undeniable; the fresh fragrance is soothing of equines and humans alike.

CoolDown is easy to use: just add 1 oz. of the concentrated rinse per gallon of water, and simply sponge the horse down with solution. There’s no need to wash off; the soap-free rinse won’t suds-up. CoolDown is highly concentrated, making for a great value: one 32 oz. bottle makes 32 gallons of liniment.

When developing CoolDown, Absorbine leveraged over a century of liniment expertise to best formulate a gentle, natural solution intended to cool and soothe, addressing the needs of more sensitive horses.

“The liniment category is one that rarely sees innovation or improvement, but as a time-proven authority on this shelf, we are always listening to the changing needs of our customers,” says Jaime McKinley, vice president of New Business Development at Absorbine. “We saw a desire for an easy-to-use post-workout rinse. CoolDown is our answer. The natural ingredients gently cool, and feel especially refreshing in the summer heat. It’s an exciting addition to our line of trusted liniments, now offering our customers more options than ever when it comes to muscle and joint care.”

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