LegacyEquine Roll-onPyranha recently announced the addition of five new insect-control products to their equine, livestock and pet-care brand.

The Houston, Texas-based company introduced:

  • Pyranha Legacy: A sweat-resistant, water-based equine fly spray. This new citronella scented formula offers quick knockdown and works hard repelling insects on your horse rain or shine.
  • Pyranha Nulli-Fly: A citronella scented, water-based formula that won’t attract dust or grime. Value priced, Nulli-Fly kills and repels a wide range of insects leaving your horse — and wallet — in comfort.Rub And Scrub Grooming GloveNullifly
  • Pyranha Stock Guard: This concentrated formula is safe for use on a variety of livestock and pets, along with their premises. Perfect in wide range of pet and livestock facilities including: cattle barns, milk rooms and dairies, horse barns, poultry and swine houses, as well as in dog kennels. Safe for use on cattle, sheep, goats, swine, horses and dogs. Stock Guard effectively and efficiently controls a wide range of flying and crawling insects leaving your animals in pest-free comfort.
  • Pyranha Equine Roll-On: A water-based, citronella scented formulaStockguard ideal for use in situations where spraying or wiping-on fly repellent is inconvenient. Ideal around sensitive areas, the formula is sweat and water proof, boasts quick knockdown and long lasting efficacy.
  • Pyranha Rub And Scrub Grooming Glove: Offers scrubbing nodules on fingers and palms in perfect balance for ease of grooming. The gloves unique configuration helps to release accumulated hair, all the while gently massaging the animal and promoting circulation. Perfect in wet or dry applications, the glove will stay put while gently cleansing sensitive areas. Ideal for use on equines, dogs, cats and small pets.

“We’re extremely excited to add these new items to our stable of well-loved brands,” says Pyranha President Ron Traina. “We look forward to continuing to serve the equine, livestock and pet community with innovative products for years to come.”