Using biomarkers to monitor joint deterioration in racehorses have led Italian researchers to believe that it’s possible to effectively manage post-traumatic osteoarthritis with proper treatment strategies.

Researchers based at the University of Turin studied fetlock joint deterioration — ranging from normal to end-stage osteoarthritis in 4 years — in Standardbred racehorses suffering from impact injuries.

Studying 25 Standardbred racehorses that developed post-traumatic osteoarthritis in the first year of their careers, researchers measured synovial fluid and blood serum annually from the first year over the ensuing 4 years. They analyzed the effects of the disease, as well as time.

Research published in BMC Veterinary Research showed that although the biomarkers declined after the first year while the horses rehabbed from injuries, then became progressively prominent over time.

The decrease in inflammatory markers made the researchers believe that post-traumatic osteoarthritis could be effectively managed by proper treatment strategies.

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