Stretch to Keep the Kinks Out

Pain in the lower back region is a problem many farriers face. My recommendation to alleviate lower back pain is to stretch your body every day.

The muscles attached to the pelvis become very tight during the day, resulting in the pelvis moving out of alignment. Stretching these muscles can improve this alignment and help reduce lower back pain.

Your hamstrings and quadriceps are two muscle groups that need special attention. Your hamstrings make up the rear portion of your thigh while the quadriceps make up the top portion.   

To stretch your hamstrings, place your foot on an object that’s off the ground and lean into it.

You’ll feel a stretch in the back of your leg. Do not completely extend your leg.

To stretch your quadriceps, balance on one leg, bend your knee and grab the foot that’s behind you. While maintaining your balance, straighten your hip and pull your knee backwards. The stretch should come from the hip extension, not the knee flexion.

Things to remember:

A. Changing the position of a body part can stretch different areas of the same muscle.

B. Keep the stretches smooth and easy. No bouncing.

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