Q&A: Offering Multi-Horse Discounts

Do you offer multi-horse discounts? If not, why not? If yes, how do you structure them?

A: I offer the same discount (adjusted for inflation, of course) that my grandfather offered. I'll shoe one horse all around for $225, but if you have 10, I'll only charge you $2,250. Discounts don't make sense to me. You're not doing less work, it's not costing you less, but your expenses remain the same. Charge for what you do, not how many you do.

— Nicholas B. Denson, Sagamore Beach, Mass.

A: I only offer discounts on a case-by-case basis. For example, if one family has 20 horses all in one location, I'll gladly offer a discount. However, if it’s a public barn and different people own all 20 horses, I do not offer a discount.

I also offer a discount for organizations like Pony Club.  If they schedule me for a meeting night where they have all their ponies in one location for practice, I will offer a club discount since they were kind enough to save me on travel to multiple locations.

In general, I do not often offer these discounts unless asked in advance.

— Eva Clark, Eugene, Ore.

A: No, I don't offer multiple-horse discounts. I did once years ago and lost the account anyway to a farrier who didn’t offer discounts.

My clients are looking for quality footwork for their horses, not discounts. I also enjoy my work much more being paid what I charge and devote my passion to the quality of the job.

Any considerations for what I charge or don't charge…

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