In honor of National Farriers Week, here’s a Jeff Foxworthy-type send off of “You Might Be A Farrier If ...” by Thomesville, Ontario, farrier Ken Alliet.

You might be a farrier if ...

  1. Someone says they’re using coke and you think they are using it for a forge.
  2. Your wife asks for pads and you come back with leather or plastic for shoeing.
  3. Traveled with friends or family and pointed out all the places you shod horses along the route.
  4. Watched a movie with horses in it and thought the shoeing was inappropriate for the era.
  5. Used a shoeing nail as a toothpick.
  6. Your most important client is the horse.
  7. Your favorite reading material in the washroom is the American Farriers Journal, cover to cover.
  8. You’re talking to someone who doesn’t know your profession and thinks you’re terrible when you say, “I shod (shot) three horses.”
  9. You review your shoeing in your sleep.
  10. If as a man wearing an apron doesn’t make you blush.
  11. If the fly spray you use (Skin So Soft) is mistaken for perfume.
  12. Spend more time looking down than at the sky.