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Shoeing’s Effect On Chronic Laminitis

Effective treatment of horses with chronic laminitis remains a challenge for farriers and veterinarians. This clinical trial was conducted to evaluate the short-term effects of four approaches to shoeing the horse with chronic laminitis.

Ten horses with naturally occurring chronic laminitis were alternately shod for one week with one of four types of shoes (flat, fullered egg-bar, heart-bar, modified EDSS) in a randomized crossover design. Following an initial acclimatization period, each horse was evaluated 3 times per week during 7- day treatment periods, separated by 7-day rest periods. Success was determined by comparing Obel grades, a clinical lameness score and a load distribution profile from force plate data between control and treatment periods for each horse.

Baseline and control data remained relatively constant. No significant improvements in any of the lameness indices were noted. The authors   clinical improvement of horses with chronic laminitis should not be expected during the first 7 days following shoeing, but said this does not mean there is no benefit over longer periods.

—Taylor D, Hood DM, Wagner IP. Short-Term Effect Of Therapeutic Shoeing On Severity Of Lameness In Horses With Chronic Laminitis. American Journal of Veterinary Research 2003;63:1629-1633.

Herbal Treatment For Cushing’s Ineffective

A clinical trial using 14 horses with naturally occurring equine Cushing’s syndrome (pituitary pars intermedia hyperplasia) was conducted to compare the effects of Vitex agnus castus (Chaste Berry) extract treatment with those of pergolide.

Resolution of clinical signs (hirsuitism and failure to seasonally shed, abnormal fat distribution…

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