Physical pressure on a smartphone can lead to catastrophic failure of its battery. Photo: Andrée-Noëlle Pot/Le Matin via Huffington Post

If you carry your smartphone on you while shoeing a horse, you might want to think twice.

Although smartphone battery failure is rare, it happens — and when it does, you don’t want it to be in your pocket.

A young Kennebunk, Maine, girl walked into her classroom to start her school day. Taking a seat, the eighth grader heard a pop come from her seat and her back pocket started to smoke.

The mere pressure of her sitting down on the phone caused the battery to fail and ignite. Although she suffered moderate burns, it could have been much worse had she, her classmates and teacher not reacted so quickly.

It could be even more dangerous when carrying it in your pocket while shoeing a horse. An incapacitating kick, which obviously could be life threatening by itself, could leave you unable to react quickly enough to an exploding phone. How quick will a battery explode? You have just seconds.

Other tips to be aware of:

  • Don’t recharge your smartphone in low temperatures. When this occurs, it can cause permanent “plating of metallic lithium,” which can lead to battery failure, according to Battery University.
  • Avoid placing your phone in hot places, such as your dashboard, especially when charging it. Ambient temperatures can profoundly affect batteries.
  • Don’t skimp by purchasing a generic replacement battery. One that is approved by the phone’s manufacturer will meet the safety standards for the product. Aside from safety, it also often means a longer battery life.