By American Farriers Journal Staff

Morris Animal Foundation is earmarking $1 million for 16 new equine research and training grants including a study on biomechanical forces.

The grants will go to 13 U.S. institutions and support 16 university-based studies ranging from infectious diseases to musculoskeletal disorders. Morris Animal Foundation’s Equine Scientific Advisory Board reviewed all grant applications and selected, based on scientific merit and impact, the studies that had the greatest potential to advance equine veterinary care and wellness.

“With the approval of our new set of equine studies, we will continue to improve the health of horses, the treatment tools available for equine veterinarians, and, for horse owners, the hope of having long, healthy lives for their equine companions,” says Barb Wolfe, a veterinarian and chief scientific officer at Morris Animal Foundation. “Each of these studies has the potential to improve the lives of horses in significant ways, and we are incredibly proud to support these enterprising researchers in their endeavors.”

Among the grants awarded are a study on biomechanical forces in different horse gaits by equine veterinarian and surgeon Annette M. McCoy of the University of Illinois.