Are you carrying too many shoes? You can save inventory space and money by relying on your forging skills and stocking just two sizes of shoes.

Are you looking for ways to save costs and space in your farrier rig? You can kill two birds with one stone with this suggestion.

If 00-2 are the size feet you work with, rely on your skills at the anvil by purchasing only size 0 and 2 plain horseshoes, advises Hall Of Fame farrier Bob Schantz.

“It forces farriers to use the forge to crop heels on the 0s if they need a 00, and on the 2s if they need a size 1,” says the owner of Spanish Lake Blacksmith Shop in Foristell, Mo. “This method gives them the full line of shoe sizes since the last nail holes in many shoes are not used anyway.”

For more tips on managing your inventory, be sure to pick up the November issue of American Farriers Journal.


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