Lock-Down Anvil

Keep your anvil securely locked in place with the new hand-crank, lock-down anvil stand from NC Tool Company. The crank works like a vise, accommodates all NC anvils and many other American-made anvils and mounts quickly without fasteners.

The anvil stand comes in folding or rigid models, both measuring 24 inches high by 30 inches long by 10 inches wide. The folding model folds down to seven inches high and weighs 41 pounds, while the rigid model weighs in at 39 pounds. The bench and legs are built with 1 1/2-inch 14-gauge tubular steel.
    NC Tool Company, 6133 Hunt Rd., Pleasant Garden, NC 27313. Phone: (800) 446-6498 or (336) 674-5654. Fax: (336) 674-9991.
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Saddle Racks

Hold your saddle, blanket and bridle all in one location with a free-standing or wall-mount saddle rack by Todd Garrett. The portable free-standing rack can be moved from barn to tack room to trailer. A swiveling blanket rack allows blankets to dry between uses.
Todd Garrett, 3903 Kidds Mill Rd., Franklinville, NC 27248. Phone: (336) 824-7981. E-mail: leighg@asheboro.com.
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Monetta Trailer

Monetta Farrier Specialties has entered the shoeing trailer market with its eight-foot large body tandem-axle trailer.

The typical trailer includes a bar shoe rack, five keg shoe racks, shoe carousel, large and small aluminum shelves, 10 plastic bins, nine-drawer plastic cabinet, 18-drawer metal cabinet, horizontal pad rack, two plater’s shoe racks, a drill press, Baldor sander/grinder, slide-out workstation, propane tank and Valley Hot Box forge with swing-out arm. Customizing is available.

Monetta Farrier Specialties, Inc., P.O. Box 116, Monetta, SC 29105-0116. Phone: (800) 654-5101. Fax: (803) 685-5654. Circle Reader Service No. 953

Two Glue-ons

Ibex Equine Limited has expanded its line of glue-on shoes to four with the introduction of the Babi-Cuff and Pozi-trac glue-ons.

With minor trimming, the Babi-Cuff’s (left) design allows the one-pattern to become a toe extension, heel extension, lateral or medial extension. The Pozi-trac (right) is a lightweight, bonded performance shoe for tender or troublesome hooves. The fully creased aluminum rim has a bonded hoof surface and tabs.

Farriers Depot Inc., Golden Hills Centre, 6998 North U.S. Highway 27, Suite 102, Ocala, FL 34482-3998. Phone: (352) 840-0106. Fax: (352) 840-0115. E-mail: pwiles1621@aol.com.
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European Hoof Knives

Genia, a leading European manufacturer of veterinary instruments, has brought its hoof knives across the Atlantic. All Genia hoof knives are made of cutlery-quality carbon steel with through-riveted wood handles. Four models are now available in the United States; the Farland with 2 7/8-inch blade, the Farknife with 2 1/2-inch blade and Farloop large and small-loop models, all of which have six-inch handles.

The Victory Pacing Plate Company, 1200 Rosedale Ave., Baltimore, MD 21237. Phone: (410) 391-6600. Fax: (410) 687-4132. E-mail: plate@erols.com or check web site: www.victoryracingplate.com.
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Stay-Sharp Nippers

The 15-inch nippers introduced by Mustad are one inch longer than the company’s standard model, with wider jaws and a longer handle for greater cutting leverage. Specially designed stops prevent the blades from hitting just before cutting, which keeps the hardened cutting edge sharp. The rounded corners and reinforced jaw provide durability and a solid, non-springy feel.

Mustad, Inc., 1395 Blue Hills Ave., Bloomfield, CT 06002. Phone: (888) 869-1804. Fax: (860) 242-0442.
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14-Inch File

The 14-inch Top Finish file from Bellota is designed to give a hoof wall the finish desired by your shoeing clients. One side has a rougher cut to make quick work of flares or wall dishes, while the other side is smoother for final finishes.

FPD, Inc., P.O. Box 1328, Shelbyville, KY 40066. Phone: (800) 468-2879 or (502) 633-5767. Fax: (502) 633-5863. E-mail: dan1fpd@aol.com.
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Horseshoe Nippers

Diamond’s new nail-cutting nippers are designed specifically for cutting horseshoe nails. The eight-ounce nippers come with a 10-inch handle that provides solid leverage and a fully polished head with wide throat clearance for close cutting.

CooperTools, P.O. Box 728, Apex, NC 27502. Phone: (919) 362-1670 or check web site: www.coopertools.com.
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Hand-Crafted Knife

The latest arrival from Hawaiian farrier Ted Shanks is a hand-crafted farriers’ knife made of carbon steel with rosewood handles. The hardened blade has a triple-tempered back to provide added flex and the handle is enlarged for enhanced leverage with minimal twisting.

Valley Farrier Supply, 21383 South Yeoman Rd., Beaver Creek, OR 97004. Phone: (503) 632-4366. Fax: (503) 632-4623. Circle Reader Service No. 959

Silver and Gold

High farrier fashion was on display with jewelry by Rusty Brown. Selections include a set of 14-karat gold or