How many inches are in an aluminum egg bar shoe that measures 140 millimeters wide and 165 millimeters long? Or what about figuring the Fahrenheit temperature equivalent for a hoof repair material that the label indicates shouldn’t be used when temperatures are below 7 degrees C.?

If it took you more than a half-second to come up with the answers, then maybe it’s time to look into a couple of Web sites that offer a speedy way of converting from the metric system to the English system and vice versa. 

Busy, Informative And Confusing 

Upon typing, the screen turns into a blue background with a gray information box in the middle. While it looks like there are many different categories to choose from, each conversion link is lettered in white type, which makes it very difficult to read.

The first selection, “length/distance,” may not be obvious upon first glance as the letters fade into the background. Immediately following the almost invisible “length/distance” header are words such as “millimeters, centimeters, inches, feet, yards and meters,” which should alert the viewer that this is a link to access length conversions.

Once inside the link, converting measurements from inches to millimeters is no problem. All a person has to do is type in the number to be converted, select “from” and “to” and the Web site does the rest.


FAST FIGURES. brags that it can “convert just about anything to anything else.”

The site offers several everyday conversions such as weight, volume and temperature. Users should be aware that there are a couple of choices listed for some of the English measurements (troy pound or avoirdupois pound). It can be confusing if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for with your search. 

While the site boasts that it can “convert just about anything to anything else,” try not to get bogged down in conversions that you may only need to plan a trip to the moon. If you need basic measurement conversions for forging shoes, can be a huge help. 

Up Front and Simple

In contrast to, there is For simple conversions, use the address

Instead of the 28 somewhat confusing categories that gives you, this site offers four: length, weight, pressure and volume.


BACK TO BASICS. is a fantastic resource when it comes to converting basic metric units to English.

Length leads off the page and a user simply types in a number under one of the units of measure. For length, the choices are millimeters, inches, meters, feet and yards. After entering the number, hit the calculate button and the conversion number will appear under each of the categories. The same holds true for weight, pressure and volume.

It’s not as in-depth as but for simple, day-to-day conversions, this may be the quicker site to use.

By the way, the aluminum egg bar shoe would be 5.51 inches wide and 6.49 inches long, while the hoof repair material shouldn’t be used when the temperature falls below 44.6 degrees F.