Better Safe Than Sorry

Most farriers spend hours trying to ensure they and their families will be financially secure should something happen to them. They carry insurance and put money away in the bank, just in case. But let’s consider some steps to avoid that nightmare to begin with.

1. Don’t Work Alone. It’s a simple rule, but too many of us find ourselves shoeing “ol’ Bucky” with no one around. If you must shoe alone, let someone know where you’ll be and for how long. They can send out a search party if you don’t show up at your next stop.

2. Keep Medical Information Handy. Carry a card in your rig containing your personal information (name, birth date, etc.). It should also have emergency numbers, insurance info and list any medical conditions you have, including allergies. This can be a life saver should something happen that leaves you unable to act for yourself. Be sure to post it where people can find it.

3. Be Smart, Not Strong. Too many farriers think brawn is more important then brains. You’ll never win a fight with a horse. But you can outsmart and out finesse them. Horsemanship is key.

4. Know When to Say When. An unruly horse is never a good way to make money. If you can’t shoe the animal safely, DON’T try. It isn’t worth the insurance deductible and work you’ll miss if that mare decides she wants you in the next area code.

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