Flies And Their Impact In Farriery
Flies have been around long before the horse was domesticated. In this video, Red Renchin dives into greater detail about stable flies and how they interfere with a farrier's work.

Fly Masks, Sheets And Leggings
When horses are turned out, flies can disrupt their temperament. Red Renchin provides a few suggested items to help manage the disturbance before a horse is turned out.

Properly Drying A Horse
After a horse is washed, simply leaving the horse in its cross ties to dry can attract flies to their wet legs, which in turn leads to a horse stomping and possibly causing damage. Red Renchin provides a better method for drying that addresses these concerns.

Stall Fans And Misting Systems
Red Renchin discusses the benefits of fans and misting systems in horse stalls to combat flies. The fans promote air circulation while the misting system emits fly spray intermittently.

Controlling A Horse's Tail
As flies disrupt a horse while the farrier is at work, the tail can become a danger as it gets swished around. Red Renchin provides two options for maintaining control of the tail.

The Use Of Fans
Flies have tiny wings and as such can't handle high wind speeds. Fans are highly effective in deterring stable flies, with the added benefit of keeping yourself cool on the job.

Fly Spray
Another product that can prevent stable flies from bothering a horse you are working on is the use of fly spray. Red Renchin shows a proper spray application technique.

Special thanks to Vintage View Farms in Mequon, Wis., for the use of their facilities in this video series.