Resolve That Shoeing Dispute With A Demand Letter

Take easy steps to try and collect Take easy steps to try and collect overdue shoeing invoices before overdue shoeing invoices before you decide to head for court


These words sometimes follow a dispute. People often assume that all legal battles require a lawyer and must be resolved through a costly lawsuit. But that assumption is not necessarily true. In fact, many legal disputes can be handled quickly and inexpensively without going to court.

Sometimes all it takes is a letter. Before you are ready to take a case to court, particularly if you have a minor dispute that you would normally handle through a small claims court, consider writing a demand letter. This article explains:

  • What a demand letter is.
  • What makes a demand letter worth the effort.
  • Why a demand letter can effectively resolve a dispute.
  • How to write an effective demand letter.
  • Legal matters that can impact the language of these letters.

What Is A Demand Letter?

Demand letters are usually short, concise letters explaining why you believe you were wronged and setting forth a specific demand. In the equine industry, demand letters are sent for several reasons, such as to rescind a horse sale that went bad, to collect an unpaid debt such as a shoeing invoice and for several other reasons.

What Are The Benefits Of A Demand Letter?

A demand letter can provide many benefits. For example, the person or business who receives your letter might meet your request, which could spare you the trouble and expense of going to court. On the other hand, if you need to take your case to a small claims court…

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