Vettec Adhere™

Adhere™ is a fast-setting urethane adhesive designed to bond steel, aluminum and urethane shoes to the hoof and to fabricate large and small hoof wall repairs.

  • For use as adhesive
  • 4 week average for glue-on urethane shoes
  • Initial set time of 1 minute and final cure time of 6 minutes
  • Perfect for most every hoof repair application
  • Adhere™ sets hard with a superior bond, but maintains the flexibility necessary at the quarters and heels to allow the natural movement of the hoof


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The Future of Hoof Care is Already Here!
Easy’s Slipper® The Innovative Glue-On Shoe

  • Easiest glue-on shoe on the market to install
  • Built-in adjustable break-over and rocker enhance movement
  • FEI and USEF approved for competition
  • Allows farriers the ability to customize (rasp, grind, cut, shape)
  • Reduces stress on bones, ligaments and joints
  • The ultimate therapeutic glue-on: provides relief for a variety of conditions (laminitis, navicular, ringbone, tendon problems, arthritis, thin soles, suspensory issues, keratoma surgeries and more)
  • Sizes mini to draft 9 available in open bottom, heart bar and closed bottom
  • Custom sizes available, too!

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Hanton Horseshoes Glue-On Shoes

Now you can combine hotfitting and glueing! Hanton Horseshoes introduces an extended line of steel glue-on shoes. We have taken top sellers from various manufactures and added our patent pending glue-on application process to give farriers choices they have never had before.

This system lets farriers:

  • Hot-fit glue-on shoes
  • Reset glue-on shoes
  • Add therapeutic modifications as needed, including bar shoes and pads
  • Drill and tap for studs
  • Perform all glue-work with the hoof on the ground

And as with our aluminum line, by eliminating the need for glue on the bottom of the foot, Hanton Horseshoes allow the foot to flex and function as needed for the health of the horse.

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HOOF-LIFE Acrylic Adhesive and Hoof Repair

  • Convenient 2 oz. jar for mixing
  • Handy amount to glue on one horseshoe
  • Standard formula sets in 4 – 6 minutes (@ 72o F., 22o C.)
  • Excellent holding power
  • Use for crack repair and filling voids in hoof

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HOOF-LIFE Multi-Purpose Urethane Adhesive

  • Urethane adhesive
  • Sets in 30 seconds
  • Save 10% or more per ounce
  • Uses standard 180 cc dispenser and mixing tips
  • Can also be used to reconstruct hoof, build foal extensions and more!

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