Trey Moncrief is an East Coast kid, but he's really a Western boy at heart.

Moncrief has been a farrier for 22 years, but that's not the life he envisioned for himself growing up in Georgia.

"I don't think I had a clue what I wanted to do," said Moncrief, who is providing his services at the Reno Rodeo and its auxiliary events this week. "I never thought of being a horseshoer, though."

Around the age of 20, Moncrief moved to Nevada. He didn't come to shoe horses, but instead because it was dream to explore the rest of the country.

"I always wanted to be out West," he said. "Once I got out here, I was around a lot of people that had horses, and I was around a gentleman that charred horses, and I liked his business model, so I just became more and more interested in doing it myself."

Moncrief spent a year shoeing, then went to horseshoeing school before eventually working with shoers around the country to gain experience.

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