Everything Meghan Ornellas Goodale touches relates to animals, children or the land.

But horses, especially ones in need, top her list of passions.

“My grandpa loved horses,” she said.

Goodale founded Kauai Horse Rescue in 2011, a small, independent, privately-funded business in Moloaa. Two of the horses she’s caring for after rescuing them are Kona and Savoy.

“Kona is a big giant teddy bear,” Goodale said. “He is a cross, part Quarter Horse, part Belgian. Savoy is a Quarter Horse. The crate that he was shipped to Kauai in was dropped. Later, he suffered additional trauma when he was mishandled by a previous owner.”

Kona was put out to pasture due to a sidebone condition.

“He couldn’t move. His mane was dreadlocked,” Goodale recalled. “I was told he would never by rideable.”

But Goodale trimmed his hooves every three weeks, and now, nearly five years later, besides wearing therapy boots, he has recovered and is rideable again.

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