A state association dedicated to horse safety is riding to the rescue of the city’s beleaguered hansom cab drivers.

The New York State Horse Council — backed by the American Horse Council — is bucking Mayor Bill de Blasio and his plans to ban horse carriages in Central Park.

“Some people have labeled the carriage horse industry as ‘inhumane.’ It is not,” the state council said in a letter of support for the 156-year-old industry.

“The NYC carriage horses are probably the most regulated horses in the country, if not the world,” the letter said.

The State Horse Council decided to ride into the fray more than two months ago, after its city chapter conducted a thorough investigation of the stables used to house carriage horses.

“I have visited all four stables. We’ve been going for quite some time,” said Alison Clarke, the city chapter head.

“The stables could set a good example for some of the stables in the country. They’re very modern,” said Clarke.

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