How understanding your client’s (and your) personality archetype can lead to a successful working relationship.

We have all been there with clients that we just scratch our heads and wonder why in the world they did that (whatever “that” is).  We also have those clients that we get along great with and wish all the other clients were more like them. Why is that? What makes the farrier/owner team work? How can we, as professionals, communicate clearly with each client to optimize a successful working relationship?

Psychology is a broad field and I don’t intend to go into depth here. Nor am I proposing that I know all about human behavior. However, after spending a significant amount of time with Juli Lynch, Ph.D., she helped me discover how understanding the personality archetypes can improve my working relationships. It has helped me communicate more clearly with all my clients and reach out to them as individuals to help them better care for their horse’s hooves. Her system let me explore how different personalities affect the horses and the professionals involved.

Juli outlines five key personality archetypes. We have the potential to call upon these archetypes within us at any given moment. Most of us generally fall into one archetype or another. Some of us will shift between the archetypes as we age.  Let me give you a brief explanation of the archetypes and then we can get into how this information can support our farrier profession.

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