I try to re-state what ideas the client is presenting and then, like the two gentlemen before me, try to explain what a more informed view might be. I try to carry with me a plethora of material gleaned from AFJ, current workshops, current research in the field and any other primarily visual information I can. I have many of my own photos printed and laminate them along with anatomical illustrations I have come across all of which are often invaluable in explanations. If a client can see it or picture it,it is much easier for them to understand. Scientific documentation is worth a thousand internet gurus!
—Esther Cass

This happens frequently in all sorts or professions. The internet can be both very informative as well as full of misinformation. I find that explaining what is correct, what is not and where the best places to find more accurate information the best way to confronting the issue.
—Esco Buff, PhD, APF, CF

I'll kinda make a joke about it like that insurance commercial, "Oh, you got if off the internet!" but then discuss with the client why that will or won't work with their horse and the reason behind what I am currently doing for hoof care with their critter.

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