The 2013 American Farriers Journal Getting Started In Hoof Care (A Career Guide For The New Farrier) is available in both print and digital format. This is the first time a digital edition is available for this guide.

The free 64-page Career Guide includes sections designed for new farriers to help them find clients, build a brand, continue their education and recordkeeping, among many others.

“The previous print editions has allowed us to reach thousands of farrier school graduates,” explains American Farriers Journal Executive Editor Jeremy McGovern. “However, the digital edition will be read by tens of thousands more — and not just farrier school graduates. This digital edition will help prospective farriers understand there is much more to running a successful farrier practice than getting under a horse. 

“Also, many farriers with years of experience have told us how valuable this information is to them. We can help those who haven't had access to the print editions.”

In its fifth year, the guide is sent to horseshoeing schools for recent and soon-to-be graduates to help understand the necessity for farrier education in running a practice, but has also been made available for anyone who would like more information on the basics of running a successful hoof-care practice.

For more information on the Career Guide and American Farriers Journal, contact Executive Editor Jeremy McGovern at 262-782-4480, extension 410 or by email at

Follow this link to view the Career Guide in its entirety.