Last week, Jeff Ridley discussed the need to recognize red flags as a farrier. This week, Ridley adds that one area that farriers can really take a cue from veterinarians is recordkeeping.

“One difference between a young veterinarian and a young farrier is that the veterinarian keeps wonderful records and the farrier doesn’t,” he says.

The Leighton, Iowa, farrier thinks it makes sense not only to keep good records, but also to share them with the veterinarian who tends to the horse.

“I’ve started taking pictures of all my work and sending them to the attending veterinarian to help them build a portfolio on the horse,” he says. “A young farrier can show professionalism by documenting his or her work and sharing it. It promotes better communication and teamwork — something that’s very important.”

It can also have an almost subliminal effect on marketing your farrier skills. If a client or another veterinarian asks for a farrier recommendation, you have a much better chance of being mentioned if the vet has quick access to photos of your work.