What has been the toughest challenge for you so far this spring?

A particular case?

Recurring issues?

This Spring as with each Spring here in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California, one of the toughest issues I deal with is hoof quality. Each Spring when certain facilities begin irrigating their pastures, the cycle of wet/dry quickly wreaks havoc on the horses' feet. Only seeing the horses every six weeks, the solution is a team approach with daily attention needed by owner/facility. Products from Life Data Labs, "The Right Step" and "Hoof Disinfectant" have proven to be helpful in combatting the damage.
—Mike Chaffin

I have a horse that suffers from laminitis. It gets super wet in this clay soil in the carolina low country. How do I keep thrush down when the horses are walking in muddy conditions more times than not? I use thrushbuster two tines a week and still have thrush issues.
—Ina Hastings

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