What is one accessory to your shoeing rig/trailer that you couldn't go without?

What is something your rig/trailer lacks that you want to add with your next rig/trailer?

My next rig will be from this millennium, I hope.

I don't think I could live without my band saw now that I have one mounted in the rig. Something I would add would be an additional drill press cause changing bits is a little time consuming, and add more drawer space.
—Cody Gilreath

I once had taken my hoof stand out of my truck for whatever reason & left it behind at home. I called my neighbor & asked her to bring it to me which she graciously did! I'd like to get a Baldor grinder with a multi-tool adapter on it.

My tapping gun. I wouldn't change a thing about my rig or the set up.  Brent did a great job.

My Baldor Grinder with expando wheel. Use it on every shoe.
—Rick Martinez

Cody; maybe a keyless chuck would speed bit changes.

After 41 years the only thing I would add is a Bikini clad assistant/driver!
—Bill Capen

A 24 volt inverter/wire welder. I have 120 volt AC power all day long to run my grinder, drill press, large fan, anywhere I park my truck. Usually under a large oak tree in the summer. The wire welder allows me to manufactor bar shoes on the spot. The unit runs off of two gel foam marine 12 volt batteries which can be charged off my truck as I drive but I elect to recharge at home at the end of each day. Purchased in 2004 for about $1,800 bucks. The unit still working great but had to replace the two batteries for $800.00 in November. Best investment ever but not sure if the manufacturer is still around. (Called a Zap-PAC ). Also good for 120 volts during power outages. Just last week a poor boy squirrel blow out the transformer to our house chasing some tail across the power line. Sad burn mark across his chin and across his chest, but he had a smile on his face.
—Patrick Quinn

I would say my 3/4 horse grinder with big expander wheel, use it with every shoeing job. Besides better gas mileage, I would like to have all of my electric from a central location, all of the cords protected so they don't crack in cold weather, lights, and an inverter for when the power is too far away.
—Sean Petrilli

Rather than an inverter, I'd add a small generator.

The advantage of an inverter is that it is silent and carbon monoxide is not an issue. Granted, the generator is probably cheaper.
—Patrick Quinn

Because of the price of gas and in Texas, I have to drive long distances, I have down sized my rig by 1/2! I cut and weld with gas, only electric tools I carry is small drill press, grinder and fan and lights, use an inverter for power. I only carry enough shoes and bar stock and plate to get a good day in and restock each night. It works very well for me and I am saving money on fuel!
—Bill Capen

I love the slide up floor of my Purdybilt by UPSCO F3. Much safer and easier than stepping up into a trailer. I'm looking into enstalling a propane generator.
—Esco Buff, Phd, APF, CF

My 1/4HP Baldor buffer. While my 1/2 HP Baldor grinder does a lion's share of work, NOTHING keeps my knofe as razor sharp as my buffer. I strongly feel that a sharp knife is the foundation to a good job.

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