Bay Horse Innovations

Bay Horse is a new company where the experienced old dogs have developed some great new ideas. We have a new manufacturing and service facility near Lexington, Ky., with a second facility near Ithaca, N.Y. We design — build all types of new rigs, caps, full bodies, trailers, interiors, storage units, tool boxes, and brackets along with service, upgrade and repair all brands of existing rigs. Our website will grow as production increases. Please visit us on Facebook for the latest news and products.

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Stonewell Bodies Walk-In Trailer

Proven over many years of building our Mini-Trailers:

  • Work inside and stay out of the elements
  • Full v-nose, bench and drawer storage
  • All-aluminum construction for strength and weight reduction

More cost effective than up-fitting a horse or cargo trailer.

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PurdyBilt Pony Farrier Trailer

Looking for something a little more compact? Our Pony farrier trailer is just right for you! This model is built much like our classic Workhorse farrier trailer, only smaller, but still 12 inches longer than the competition to offer you more work space.

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