Professionalism is something that is hard to define for some because it covers so many areas. For farriers, professionalism covers how you work with your horses, relate to other farriers, communicate with clients, consult with trainers and so on.

Pat Burton is a farrier based in Burleson, Texas. If you want to earn the respect of your peers and clients, he has this list of 10 ways that have helped him throughout his career.

1. Have A Clean Appearance. Being clean-shaven or neatly trimmed with a collared shirt goes a long way toward being considered a professional.

2. Clean Up. Always leave the area you work in better shape than when you arrived. Carry a magnet, shovel and broom.

3. Keep Your Rig Presentable. It's the first thing customers are going to see when you pull up.

4. Listen To Your Clients. The best way to keep a client is to keep them happy.

5. Never Stop Learning. When you are through learning, you are through shoeing. 

6. Ride With A Veteran. This is a great way to learn. It will be mutually beneficial and can provide a great way to build your business.

7. Keep Good Records. Develop your own system. It is a must for any business.

8. Take Photographs And Video. They will provide a valuable resource for case studies and provide a record of treatment protocol.

9. Keep The Door Open. Never dismiss opportunities with former or potential clients.

10. Be Humble. Put your ego away, keep an open mind, admit your mistakes and learn from them.