SBS Equine TOPCOAT Hoof Conditioner

TOPCOAT provides TOTAL HOOF CARE! It is a dual-action hoof conditioner that shines and protects the hoof wall, sole, & frog against bacteria & fungi, toe cracks and moisture imbalance. TOPCOAT also repels mud, snow, moisture & urine soaked manure, and helps smooth out unsightly ridges on the hoof wall. TOPCOAT forms an antiseptic barrier against infection, and weatherproofs the hoof surface. Natural protein emulsions provide a healthy moisture balance in the hoof for improved flexibility in all conditions. Frequent use builds up protection and improves shine. Contains no caustic agents that can harm healthy hoof tissue.

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Banixx Wound & Hoof Care

All your barn needs in one bottle? Here’s the answer --- Banixx Wound & Hoof Care. This amazing formula annihilates infection, whether fungal or bacterial, simply because of its unique PH formula. This same solution that eradicates rain rot and heals wounds and infections in record time is potent against thrush and whips white-line disease. Clinically-proven, tissue-friendly Banixx penetrates, healing from the inside out, so infection is never cauterized. Banixx is odor-free, sting-free, steroid-free and colorless while being all-temperature tolerant and cost effective. Safe for all of your pets!

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Tuff Stuff®

A hoof conditioner and toughener that’s also a show quality cosmetic

  • To strengthen brittle, shelly, mushy or cracked hoof walls.
  • To protect scuffed toes.
  • To guard against fungus, caustics and bacteria.
  • To main the hoof wall’s natural moisture level.

Tip: Apply TUFF STUFF® on the hoof before nailing shoe to avoid splitting of the hoof and after to help the hoof tighten the nails.

Also, check out Thrushbuster®! Stomps out the thrush on contact.

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Life Data Hoof Disinfectant™

Destroys Harmful Hoof-Eating Microbes A horse’s hoof wall is 95% protein. Many chemicals used in commercial hoof products can denature and thereby destroy the protective function of the hoof wall protein. Formaldehyde, turpentine, pine tar and acetone will harden the hoof and make the hoof shine; however by chemically “cooking” the protein the hoof loses some of its elastic qualities and ability to absorb shocks. Not a good thing considering shock absorption is a primary function of the hooves! So why harden the hoof with chemicals that turn the outer hoof wall into a plastic-like non-forgiving material? A hoof wall without elasticity is more prone to cracking, and a hoof wall unable to “breathe” naturally cannot maintain healthy moisture content. Apply a hoof disinfectant that not only contains ingredients to combat “hoof – eating” microbes but at the same time maintains proper moisture balance within the hoof capsule - apply Life Data Hoof Disinfectant™! From the maker’s of Farrier’s Formula® Life Data Labs, Inc.

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Edward Martin's Original Hoof Coating

Only non-solvent-based, non-toxic coating that won't wash off in the rack. Helps strengthen thin, shelly walls and works well with Vettec hoof repair products. Helps prevent rapid evaporation of essential oils and moisture in hot, dry climates and helps stop excessive moisture from entering the foot in wet conditions. Great show coating, available in clear or black.

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Hawthorne SOLE PACK

  • Combination of Patented ingredients that aid in the prevention and destruction of bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Protects from further contamination, soothes damaged and fevered tissue.
  • An effective companion to Hawthorne’s Hoof Freeze when treating fungal and bacterial infections.
  • Restores natural pliability and promotes hoof growth

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3M™ Vetcast™ Plus Veterinary Casting Tape

A polyurethane resin impregnated fiberglass tape that has exceptional strength and superior conformability. It is very lightweight, has a quick set-up time and can be used for all your general casting and splinting needs.

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  • Effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal solution used in the treatment of White Line Disease and Thrush
  • Fast acting iodine based formula provides rapid and deep penetration.
  • Hardens and dries soft, mushy, moist infected tissue yet harmless to healthy tissue.
  • Topical pain relief for the tender footed horse

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