Mustad Thrush Buster

Stomps out the Thrush on contact.

  • Its staying power is incredible — so powerful that it lasts for up to eight days without reapplication even in the wettest, muddiest terrain
  • Dramatically reduces the chances of reinfection
  • Use Thrush Buster not only to treat thrush, but to prevent it
  • Thrush Buster makes a horse more comfortable, a horse owner’s life easier, and a farrier’s job more effective

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Vetericyn Plus® Equine Wound & Skin Care

“That Stuff Will Heal a Hole in a Bowling Ball!”

Vetericyn Plus® Equine Wound & Skin Care is the only choice to care for cuts, abrasions, sores and fungal issues.

  • Clean and flush wounds, lacerations and abscesses to speed up healing time
  • Care for fungal issues like thrush and white line
  • Safe if licked or ingested
  • Non-toxic and won’t sting or burn
  • Free of antibiotics and steroids
  • Veterinarian recommended

Trust Vetericyn Plus® Equine Wound & Skin Care to improve all phases of wound healing. And yes, that’s an actual quote.

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Echo Ranch Hoof Pro Hoof Dressing

Formulated by a professional farrier. Blended with only 100% natural oils, Hoof Pro contains NO harsh chemicals which can cause damage to hooves. It penetrates deep into the hoof, preventing hooves from becoming dry and split or too wet and soft. Hoof Pro stops cracks and splits by creating a solid hoof wall to withstand the demands of everyday environments and workloads. It can be applied to the entire foot, including coronet band, frog/sole and bulbs of heel. Easy, brush-on application. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Call us today for farrier specials!

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Mustad Tuff Stuff

Hoof Toughener & Conditioner

  • Strengthens brittle, shelly, mushy or cracked hoof walls
  • Protects scuffed toes and guards against fungus, caustics and bacteria
  • Maintains the hoof wall’s natural moisture level
  • Show quality cosmetic

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