The commercial responsibilities for the European region (including Middle East and Africa) and the Asia region have been combined and Remco Van Der Linden has been appointed to lead this extended region. Mustad will establish a distribution centre in the Netherlands, which will be the main base for Van Der Linden. Remco has grown up in the industry, building the successful Delta business in the US together with his father Loet. Since Delta joined the Mustad Group in 2008, he has successfully led the transition into a joint Delta Mustad team and managed the US commercial operations.

Another key element of this restructuring is the combination of the commercial responsibilities for North America and Latin America. Juan Carlos Agudelo will take charge of the new extended region, based in Minnesota. Agudelo, who is already in charge of the Latin-American region, comes into this new role from an impressive track record over his 17 years career in the industry. He has been commercial director at Emcoclavos, built up the successful Mustad Mexico operations and over the last few years been leading the Mustad Latin American commercial team to a clear market leadership.
“As the world leader in hoofcare products, including horseshoes, nails, rasps and tools, we have the duty to continuously look for ways to improve our production, distribution and market presence, as well as to reinvent ourselves," say Hans and Clarin Mustad, owners of Mustad Hoofcare.
“We are very confident that these organizational changes will further strengthen our ability to compete and maintain our leading position for the future," added Petter Binde, Mustad Hoofcare co-CEO, responsible for the group's Sales & Marketing.