Webster, N.Y., farrier Esco Buff finds written, audio or video reviews and comments from satisfied customer can serve shoers well. They are unbiased recommendations of service and products.

'Many farriers overlook the power of testimonials because they are not aware of how to properly use them," says Buff. "Not only are testimonials a powerful marketing tool but they are cheap and easy to use.

"Testimonials can be used on your Web site, your social media sites (such as Facebook), in advertisements, on your business cards, on your telephone answering machine and in testimonial booklets or packets to be handed out to prospective customers or left with veterinarians or equine-related stores."

Buff finds that testimonials let a potential customer know about the services that you provide and may help convince a potential customer of your abilities. Testimonials are an endorsement by others for the credibility of your products and services.

"Testimonials are not about 'tooting your own horn,'" explains Buff. "An effective testimonial can overcome skepticism about your work. It lets others see that you made a difference and might be able to help them as well. Testimonials can also build trust with potential customers, as they will see how others feel about your services and products. Using glowing testimonials will let potential customers know that you’re worthy of their trust."

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