I use pads inside Old Macs. I don't like the Easy Care pads and I use my own closed cell foam that I buy by the sheet. I haven't used the glue on shells yet.
—Jessica Goonan, Goffstown, N.H.

I have used the boot inserts.
—Laurie Tonita, Saskatoon, Sask.

I've only used the cushion inserts that you can purchase separately.
—Diane Saunders Bristol, Vt.

I have only used the pad inserts.
—Cheryl Swayne, Meriden, Kan.

I have not used any commercial inserts, but have made my own using high-density closed cell urethane foam that I cut to fit.
—Walter Varcoe, Port Jarvis, N.Y.

 I've used foam pads and wedge pads.
—Neil Daly

I've used the glue-on shells with Adhere and pads or packing material for 4-week applications. I've also used the glue-on shells for 48-hour applications (for competition or lameness turnout) with athletic tape applied to the hoof prior to boot application. Pads are also very beneficial.
—Pete Ramey, Lakemont, Ga.

I use the insert pads all the time and have used Easyfoam. It is as sticky and you have to watch how you use it.
—Cole Henderson, Victoria, British Columbia

I have cut and installed Styrofoam or cushion pads in the Old Mac's for sore-footed horses when the manufacturer's inserts were not available.
—Phil Gendron, Plymouth, Mass.

Some boots come with gel inserts and offer special orthotics for different situations.
—Beth Miles

I've had limited experience with the Soft Ride inserts.
—Shawn Pepper, Yorba Linda, Calif.

I've used the inserts for therapeutic cases. Softer is generally better.
—Dean Moshier, Ostrander, Ohio

I have not found them necessary very often, but they can be helpful with the more tender foundered horses.
—Trudy Uldrich, Blue Creek, Ohio

Sole pads can improve fit and comfort plus offer a therapeutic benefit. Neoprene sleeves can improve fit and minimize the chafing risk. Side inserts can stabilize the boot on the hoof. I have not used any glue-on shells.
—Jon Thomas, Scottsville, Ariz.

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