The University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center announced the retirement of several faculty members, including Dr. Dean Richardson.

Richardson is renowned in the horse racing community for his attempts to save Barbaro after a devastating right hind leg injury during the Preakness Stakes led to the colt developing laminitis in three of his hooves in 2006. Barbaro had just weeks earlier won the Kentucky Derby. Despite Richardson’s efforts, Barbaro had to be euthanized.

Richardson was lauded for his attempts to explain Barbaro’s injury and treatment in an easily understood manner, giving the public a glimpse into the equine veterinary industry.

In the broader equine community, Richardson has served as the New Bolton Center’s Chief of Large Animal Surgery and has made several developments for equine surgery, including implementing enhanced imaging technology and using locking compression plates to improve surgical results.

In April, Richardson underwent surgery following a riding accident, where numerous tributes were shared to honor the well-regarded professor.

“Legions of students, former and current residents, veterinarians, trainers and equestrians from around the world have reached out to express their love for Dr. Richardson and their profound appreciation for how he has touched their lives,” the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania said in a statement.