Much More Than Basic Costs Involved in Shoeing

When Pat Broadus calculates the expenses for shoeing a horse, the price of shoes, rasps and nails only makes up 12% of the total cost. The Shelbyville, Ky., shoer invests an average of $18.94 for shoes, rasps and nails with the typical horse in his book, with the overall cost being $151.85 per horse when total costs are included.

Broadus focuses on the hoof-care needs of racehorses, on-farm Thoroughbreds and sport horses in his hoof-care work. His costs are based on a 6-year average of 29 separate costs for trimming and shoeing horses.

— Taken from “Your Costs Help Determine the Prices You Set” an American Farriers Journal website article

Most Horses are Not Insured

Some 77% of owners reported that none of their horses were insured. Some 8% of owners reported that more than three-quarters of their horses were insured.

— 2018 American Horse Publications Equine Industry Survey of 9,012 horse owners sponsored by Zoetis





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