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Road to 2021 National Forging & Horseshoeing Competition

Newmarket, England, farrier Grant Moon demonstrates forging the crossfire hind shoe punched for six Mustad Combo 5 Nails. The shoe will be forged in the Specialty Forging Class, sponsored by Mustad Hoofcare, at the 2021 National Forging & Horseshoeing Competition in Arlington, Texas. The competition will be from Nov. 9-11 at the Arlington Expo Center.


Step Two: Shape and Fit

Bobby Menker moves on with the shoe shaping and fit for the left front foot on Annabelle. He's using the Kerckhaert Steel Comfort Sport. He chose this shoe for the "comfort" and protection it provides her on her right front that needed to be repaired. The shoe is clipped, positioned between the second and third nail hole.


Arizona Farrier School Recruiting Women to the Trade

Cronkite News visits the Tucson School of Horseshoeing where they are teaching equine hoof care and hoping to get more women to take up the profession.

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