Hoof Boots Prove Another Option to Help the Horse

Pictured Above: Dr. Albert Villasevil says proper sizing and maintenance as well as client comfort level will play a role in determining the effectiveness of hoof boots.

Hoof boots are one of many useful tools available to hoof-care practitioners. But like most tools, they must be used properly and for the correct job to provide a positive outcome. I work mainly in Spain and find the most common mistakes are made by owners who are not used to hoof boots. Those can easily be avoided by working with a professional hoof-care provider, boot fitter, or experienced farrier who can serve as a guide and teacher.

Not all horses are candidates for hoof boots. In my experience, those I have found to experience positive results from their use are those that show hypersensitivity due to one of the following:

  • Removal of horseshoes due to tissue atrophy and deformation.
  • Metabolic problems (obesity, metabolic syndrome, unbalanced fat to muscle ratio, etc.).
  • Bad quality of the hoof horn resulting from nutrient deficiency, lack of movement/stimulation, exposure to unclean surfaces and hoof infections.
  • Exposure to a new surface that is more difficult than the one that they are
    accustomed to (for example, they live on hard compacted sand and have to work/be ridden over rocky terrain).
  • Mechanical problems resulting from an acute injury like strains in the flexor tendons (superficial or profound/deep) or in a collateral ligament (medial or lateral of different joints but mainly of the lower leg).
  • Mechanical problems resulting from chronic situations…
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Albert villasevil

Albert Villasevil

Dr. Albert Villasevil, VP, TCVMP is based in Villaviciosa, Spain. He specializes in equine podiatry, is a certified acupuncturist and a technician in equine nutrition. He is the designer of Floating Boots and Evoboots, also working as a sales director and technical service director for those products.

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