5 Major Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Farrier Business 

As a hoof-care professional, you are managing client satisfaction, the unpredictable nature of the horse, as well as managing your own morale and job satisfaction. To help navigate you through this situation, here are five common mistakes I’ve found inhibit business growth as hoof-care professionals and lead to high attrition rates with clients.

1 Lack of communication with clients.

2 Not keeping your cool with every horse.

3 Practicing “risky” hoof care rather than sticking to the fundamentals.

4 Not knowing when to say, “I don’t know.”

5 Not seeking growth opportunities through continuing education.

— Tiffany Gardner CF, APF-I, Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School, Plymouth, Calif.


Charging for Barn Calls

Among full-time farriers who have a set fee for barn calls, the average charge is $31.47.

— 2020 American Farriers Journal Business Practices survey