It is commonly known that the soundness of a horse starts from the hoof up. Farriers work for decades to become highly skilled professionals that are able to help a horse adjust to competition footing, gait mechanics, conformation abnormalities, and injury recovery.

One of the most stubborn problems that farriers, as well as veterinarians and managers, are faced with is ensuring that a horse grows the right amount of foot each shoeing cycle. Although there are many products on the market that are formulated to address this issue, very few offer a total solution for how to help a horse’s hoof grow consistently. By treating the horse naturally from the inside out, MediVet ACS (Autologous Conditioned Serum) offers equestrians and their horses a unique and effective solution.

Jim Colvin of Jim Colvin Farrier Services has been shoeing the feet of top competition horses for decades. One of his most successful clients happens to be his daughter Victoria Colvin. As a well-known champion hunter competitor, Victoria relies on her father to provide the care that her horses’ feet need in order to remain in top competition shape. Because Jim and Victoria work so closely together, they discovered that a horse they were treating with MediVet ACS was showing exceptional hoof growth in just two shoeing cycles.

After just 60 days on a MediVet ACS program, Colvin noticed a significant difference.

“I definitely noticed growth and I noticed more depth of sole, which this horse didn’t have before,” Jim Colvin says. “After 60 days I was nailing into the hoof wall, where prior I was not, so that told me that MediVet ACS was working.”

MediVet ACS is the only systemic approach to inflammation management and whole horse wellness. This innovative maintenance treatment is designed to optimize your horses’ overall health and performance, while effectively fighting lameness, reducing recovery time after exercise and providing a natural, more comprehensive approach to terminating the inflammatory response and managing pain.

“I had this particular horse for 2 years prior to incorporating MediVet ACS into his routine, and we tried every formula, hoof oil and feed additive that you can get,” Jim Colvin says. “It just didn’t seem to produce results. MediVet ACS is the only product that has worked.”

Compared to other autologous therapies, which only target specific areas or joints, MediVet ACS is a cut above, able to be administered systemically for the benefit of the whole horse, while also providing support during strenuous training and aiding in recovery. When given regularly, MediVet ACS allows a horse to train, perform and feel comfortable without the use of steroids or invasive procedures.

“I think regenerative therapies are worthwhile for farriers to try,” Jim Colvin says. “If you compare it to gluing on where you are being charged the extra fee every month, after a 6-month period you are not guaranteed a sound horse. With MediVet ACS it’s simple and you can easily make it a part of any program.”

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