Marketing Helped Indiana Farrier Broaden Client-base

Pictured Above: Indiana farrier Cody Bogard hired a marketing person to free up more of his time for horseshoeing.

Farrier Takeaways

  • New farriers should use online marketing tools as well as traditional networking to find and hire potential clients.
  • Social media accounts can do more harm than good when used incorrectly.
  • The best marketing a new farrier can do is behave professionally and dress appropriately.

When Cicero, Ind., farrier Cody Bogard graduated from shoeing school a little over a decade ago, his mentors assured him that he didn’t need to worry about getting clients. He would have more work than he could handle in a couple of years if he did two things: show up on time and return phone calls.

“The only problem with that plan,” Bogard says, “is the phone has to ring first.”

Bogard’s first year out of horseshoeing school, he was one of six new farriers in Hamilton County — an area with a horse population of about 4,000. As a result, business was a little slower than he expected. Bogard felt fortunate to know established farriers who would let him ride along or share a client here and there. But he also knew waiting for the phone to ring was not a business plan —and he would need to do some marketing to grow his client base. Establishing a business plan early on and hiring a dedicated marketing person helped Bogard focus more on shoeing and less on social media.

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Kristen Kubisiak

Kristen Kubisiak has been a writer and photographer with newspapers and magazines for 15 years. A native of Wisconsin, she served as the Managing Editor of American Farriers Journal.

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