Valley Vet Supply's Easyboot Fury Heart is adjustable in both length and height, providing a secure fit for every horse. This function provides a secure, comfortable fit for dimensional hoof changes that occur throughout the trim cycle.

The durable shell has a unique insole design to accommodate a heel counter that provides up to 25 millimeters of adjustable length and a heel sling that adjusts the heel height up to 16 millimeters. Both operate smoothly in conjunction for a true fit, without bulky buckles or hardware. The Boot comes with the heel counter and heel sling to fully and easily adjust the length and height.

The Easyboot Fury Heart is exceptionally easy to put on and take off. It is shock absorbing, and without fabric or stitching, easy to wash and quick to dry. The Boot is very lightweight, making it the ideal boot for eventing and endurance horses, and all disciplines in between.

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