Reader Commentary: May/June 2019

Importance of Measuring and Trimming with the Golden Ratio

The golden ratio, also known as divine proportion and golden mean, is 1.618 and commonly found in nature while looking through the microscope, telescope and throughout the universe. Leonardo Di Vinci’s Canon of Proportions called it the golden section and used it to achieve balance. After reading “Cooperate with Nature and Science When Balancing the Hoof (, I wonder how the golden ratio assists with long toe, low heel and hoof balance?

— Fred Kunkle, New River, Ariz.

Editor’s Note: Learn more about the use of the golden ratio when balancing the foot by visiting

Helping Arthritic Horses

Reading “Help Yourself While Helping Arthritic Horses” ( made me think about how I help horses with sore joints. I use my professional grade Photonic Health Light for arthritic horses. There are pain points for the front and hind legs that, when the light is applied, they are able to stand more comfortably for trimming. It is amazing to see a horse that can’t lift a hoof before the light that can after. No more need for bute prior to trimming these horses.

— Kelly Hall, Lecanto, Fla.

Pasture Acquired Laminitis

The article “How to Avoid Pasture Associated Laminitis in Spring” ( reminded me of the one horse I’ve had that developed laminitis as a result of diet alone (the other one had advanced Cushing’s). The vet pointed out that I had not been mowing…

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