OnikoLabs' Equinell Shampoo rapidly relieves itching and allows the skin to heal. It can be used as needed for rain rot, scratches, insect bites, sweet itch, mud fever, cracked heels and skin irritation from tack and harness. Used monthly, it maintains skin health without clipping. For badly affected legs, Equinell should be used weekly until skin is dry and comfortable.

Equinell Shampoo rapidly relieves the itching, pain and drainage caused by lower leg infections in draft horses. Used on manes and tails, Equinell can eliminate rubbing and pulling and helps maintain beautiful, full shiny hair and healthy skin. Safe for horse and handler, the active ingredients of Equinell Shampoo are all natural, in a mild shampoo base. It is available in 4 ounce bottles.

Equinell Shampoo will not affect drug test results and comes with a money back guarantee if not satisfied.

For more information, please visit www.HealthySteed.com.