England edged Scotland by four points to capture the International Team Championship at the 39th annual British Farriers and Blacksmiths Association (BFBA) Farrier Focus this past weekend in Stoneleigh Park, United Kingdom.

In addition to winning the team championship, England swept both days of the Open Team Horseshoeing Competition. England’s Liam Collins won best-dressed foot on Day One, while teammate Alex Collier was judged to have the best-shod foot and best specimen shoe. England also won the Apprentice Team Horseshoe Forging Competition behind Jordan Gilbertson’s best specimen shoe.

Scotland gave England a run for its money by winning the Open Team Gas Forge Shoemaking Competition, with Lewis Balfour taking home the best specimen shoe. Sarah Mary Brown won the Open Individual Reserves.

Although the United States didn’t place in the top five of the team competition, Chad Lawson prevailed in the Individual Apprentice competition.

Complete Official Results

39th International Team Championship

  1. England with 404.7 points
  2. Scotland with 400.7 points
  3. France with 390.8 points
  4. Canada with 383.8 points
  5. Wales with 378.8 points


International Combined Individual Competition

(the highest placed individual in all 3 classes)

Best Specimen Shoe: Liam Collins (England)

Best Shod Foot: Alex Collier (England) 

Best Dressed Foot: Liam Collins (England)


  1. Alex Collier (England) 
  2. Matthew Randles (England)
  3. David Varini (Scotland)
  4. Liam Collins (England)
  5. Grant Watt (Scotland)


Open Team Horseshoeing Competition

Best Dressed Foot: Liam Collins (England)

Best Shod Foot: Alex Collier (England) 

Best Specimen Shoe: Alex Collier (England)

  1. England
  2. Scotland
  3. France
  4. Canada
  5. Wales


Second Day Open Team Horseshoeing Competition

Best Dressed Foot: Ryan McDonald (Wales)

Best Specimen Shoe: Simon Bodner (Sweden)

Best Shod Foot: Ryan McDonald (Wales)

  1. England
  2. Scotland
  3. Canada
  4. France



Open Team Gas Forge Shoemaking Competition 

Best Specimen Shoe: Lewis Balfour (Scotland)

  1. Scotland
  2. England
  3. France
  4. Wales
  5. Canada


Open Individual Reserves 

  1. Sarah Mary Brown (Scotland)
  2. Travis Smith (USA)
  3. Dan Corkery (Canada)
  4. James Halliday (England)
  5. Glen Janes (Wales)


International Apprentice Team Horseshoe Forging Championship Combined

  1. Wales
  2. France
  3. England
  4. Scotland
  5. Germany


Apprentice Team Horseshoe Forging Competition 

Best in Specimen Shoe – Jordan Gilbertson (England) 

  1. England
  2. Wales
  3. Scotland
  4. Sweden
  5. France


Individual Apprentice Competition

  1. Chad Lawson (USA)
  2. Xavier Lacroix (France)
  3. Corentin Nicolas (France)
  4. Joe Hosie (Wales)
  5. Sam West (Wales)